About us

Students are not only learning from theory and practical classes they are also involved in hands-on experience directly from our industry leaders in business


core values

Whether your learning style involves cultural diversity, classroom facilities, location, trainers with industry knowledge, practical facilities or/and amazing study support, Waratah Polytechnic (CRICOS 04035A) is second to none and always by your side to unleash your true potential and make you absolutely ready for future leadership in trades and technology.

Our mission

To become a high quality and highly respected training provider

Our vision

To create a creative and interactive training and assessment


We spend the time, money and effort to ensure that our trainers are experienced and skillful, using quality resources
and tools in modern facilities


We are strong believers in teamwork where people can present different ideas and techniques to come up with the best scenario possible for all stakeholders


We provide opportunities to succeed

There is no better place to learn about the Australian way of life than at Waratah Polytechnic (Australia). As a private institute located in Sydney, we offer excellence for every student. Across each of our courses, we aim to provide our students with the necessary training and skills in order to prepare them for an exciting and rewarding career in the industry of their choice.

What makes Waratah polytechnic different

Waratah Polytechnic is not just another private RTO delivering courses for international students, we live by trades too! We are an industry leader in delivering and specialising trade based courses ranging from Certificate III level to Diploma level focusing on industry-driven and outcome based learning facilities to students where students experience state-of-the-art facilities from classroom to practical learning delivered by some of the most reputed industry professionals with more than 20 years of experience not just training but actually working in the field as a builder, carpenter, technician, business professionals, etc. Therefore, at Waratah Polytechnic, students are not only learning from theory and practical classes they are also involved in hands-on experience directly from our industry leaders in business.

Amazing student-life experience while creating future leaders

Every student is different and so is our teaching style. Foundational abilities include things like effective communication, literacy (reading, writing, and math), interaction, and workplace participation abilities including teamwork, problem-solving, and time and self-management. Foundation Skills are a part of every Nationally Recognized Training programme that Waratah Polytechnic delivers and evaluates in order to ensure best practice in place all across the board. Your basic skills are evaluated as part of the evaluation process at Waratah Polytechnic.

Our Flexible Learning and Assessment Approach

In order to satisfy the demands of our students and their employers, techniques that encourage flexibility in learning and evaluation are part of our training and assessment strategies. This means that we collaborate with students to give choices that maximise learning outcomes and access to learning activities while also being responsive to their unique needs.